Book Review: In the Shadow of the House of God

  • Title: In the Shadow of the House of God51XnJgljJyL
  • Author: Jeffrey G. Roberts
  • Series: None
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy, Theology
  • Publishing Date: 3/24/2018
  • Publishing Co.: Burning Willow Press, LLC
  • Length: 80 pages
  • Source: PDF File
  • Acquired: From the Author (Free)

One member of every religion on Earth is placed into a vast structure located beyond the reaches of the human mind. Why? The answer is simple. God has accepted a challenge from Satan who commands that the humans will keep killing each other in God’s name until only one is left alive, which is against God’s law. 

What were the stakes? 

Paradise on Earth, once lost with the fall of the great Garden of Eden? Or Hell on Earth with the demise of human life as we know it, and demons running free from the pits of the lake of fire? 

In this cosmic setting, pawns are falling as the moves are made to end all of creation. Which move will take the last piece from the board?

Final Judgment: 4 Stars

Since this book was so short (80pgs), I did not include a First Chapter Challenge. However, I knew I would enjoy this read by the first few sentences! The prose is so beautifully created and each character has a distinctly unique personality. Though the first chapter may be somewhat arduous on the first read to comprehend fully, this book is well worth the attempt… Even for the non-religious.

“Just out of curiosity, Amy: what religion were you?”

“Jewish. And you?”


“Does it matter, Argus?”


Jam-packed with familiar colloquialisms and popular quotes, this novel attempts to reconcile every theology into one, while also making such a debate comprehensible by the common lay person…And succeeds! I am not an overly religious person; in fact, I am not even sure what religion I would be if I had one. But even so, I found this book to be very enjoyable. The author artfully crafts his book so that the theology does not interfere with the fantasy story within, and actually enhances the story with its teaching of various religions and rituals.

Just because their rituals are misleading and perplexing, does not make their love for me any less real. They may not understand my ways, but they still affirm me in the best ways they know how

The reason this story is not ranked at 5 stars is because it is so short… I was left wanting more; more character building, more suspense, more chess. The ending seemed somewhat anticlimactic and the result of the wager was almost too easy. I cannot say more without giving away spoilers, but it was not what I expected to happen (which is in itself a good thing)! Still, this book made me think in ways that I haven’t in years, exercising my brain and making me question the world surrounding my life. I was left with goosebumps on my arms and warmth in my heart.

Favorite Quote:

Oh my God, we’re all dead!” Claire shouted in fear.

“No! I categorically reject that!” Amit said.

This one gave me a bit of a chuckle as I read it, accidentally waking up my fiance in the process. If only we could all be so stubborn as to reject the idea of death!

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