Book Review: Cafe at the End of the Internet

cafe at the end of the internet

  • Title: Cafe at the End of the Internet
  • Author: G. Michael Rapp
  • Series: None
  • Genre: Speculative Fiction Collection of Short Stories
  • Publishing Date: November 30th, 2018
  • Publishing Co.: Clayborn Press, LLC
  • Length: 199 pages
  • Format: Kindle
  • Acquired: Gifted a free Kindle version by the author in exchange for a free review
  • Amazon LinkCafe at the End of the Internet by G. Michael Rapp

A collection of short stories by author G. Michael Rapp

Final Judgement: 5 Stars out of 5

Since this is a collection of short stories, I decided to forgo the First Chapter Challenge.

This novel was hard for me, because I had to step out of my comfort zone… Normally I like to write short stories rather than read them. I even emailed the author, telling him that I would attempt to read his collection, but could not guarantee a review. But, I can honestly say that I was delightedly surprised (as you can all see by my glowing review)!

The Cage at the End of the Internet is said to have begun as the last free place on the planet (Loc 1522).

If you are looking for any kind of sci-fi–including post-apocalypse and space opera–stories this is where you find them. Cafe at the End of the Internet has stories for just about any sci-fi buff out there! The collection contains a plethora of sci-fi vernacular and acronyms, along with numerous technological advances/machinery that immediately transports you to a new world… Or at least a new age in our world.

G. Michael Rapp tells his stories with an insane amount of detail and comparisons, allowing us readers to follow along easily, even though we find ourselves right into the middle of someone else’s life and world for just a few pages. He also includes such unique characters, dialogue, and plots, that I had no issues keeping each story separate and distinct… Though I did find myself ruminating on more than a few for days after I finished them! Each story can last from a few paragraphs to up to 20ish (Kindle) pages or so, which helps keep up the variety and never allows there to be a dull moment.

There is a beauty to randomness, to the chaos that rules over our lives (Loc 844).

I especially like that some of the stories are connected to each other. For example, one story is about a book/video store employee who somewhat mentors a younger kid. Another story is about that younger kid herself. Even though each story is separate and distinct, I like that many of them do run tangentially with others.

I gave this collection of short stories a 5 out of 5 because each story is amazing on its own. I don’t need to read 200+ pages for a great story that gets me to think and imagine new techy stuff, I can just flip to a random page and read the few pages of that story… Then move on to the next one whenever I want. If you are on a time crunch, this book is particularly useful, because you can pace yourself with your sci-fi urges. But it is great even as a novel altogether, which is how I read it, and loved it.

Sand-blasted and sunbaked carcasses of Machina Autonoma litter the Wasteland, holding selfie-sticks and high-resolution cameras above their shriveled corpses for the perfect camera shot (Loc 1601).

I will warn future readers, however, that there is adult language and content in some of the stories. I will also note that the first story starts out in second person point of view… Personally, that was a bit of a turn-off and I started into the book with a lot of hesitation. However, that story itself was entertaining (even with the odd POV), and the rest of the stories only get better. Happy reading!

Favorite Quote:

We were gods once. Now we are merely ants, scurrying on the ground (Loc 3252).

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