What I Did for Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentines Day

So, I know that this is a little belated, but I wanted to share what I did on my Valentine’s Day last week! For me and my fiance, this is our 3rd Valentine’s Day together. When we met, we were both broke college students (I still am!), and even though we wanted to celebrate this commercial holiday of love, we did not have quite the amount of funds with which to do so. At least, not in the traditional way.

So I made a list of what most people do for V-Day, and why we decided against each:

  • Flowers— Ugh, I dislike flowers. They’re so depressing once they start dying! Not to mention that my cat knocks them over immediately after putting them in a vase…
  • Chocolates— Unpopular opinion time: I absolutely HATE chocolate. I don’t know why; always have, always will. Feel free to bring on the storm of hate comments!
  • Cards/Stuffed Animals/Jewelry/Misc. Other Gifts— What part of broke college kids means we can dump a bunch of money on meaningless stuff? Not one part! Especially cards. Dropping $8-10 on a piece of cardboard is absolutely ridiculous. If I wanted to give my S.O. a nice, lovely card, I would make it. Or, probably more likely, simply write him a note/letter on a piece of notebook paper.
  • Nice Dinner Out— So, back to the whole broke college kids thing… We just didn’t have the money to waste it on food that we would forget about the next day
  • Cook Dinner for Each Other at Home— Honestly, we both kinda suck at cooking… I mean we attempt to cook, and we have a few recipes that we can complete relatively easily, but it wouldn’t be special for us… More frustrating than anything!

So, as you can see, we had to come up with something a little different for our V-Day. We wanted it to be our day, celebrating the love (or for that first year, the liking) we have for each other… Not to be shown because of obligation or that’s how our society deems it, but because we want to express our love (liking) for each other every single day, but because we can’t feasibly do that and still live productive, independent lives, we set aside this one, specific day to encompass all the others.

So what did we do? We went to Taco Bell.

Yep, that’s right, we actually did end up going out to dinner! Albeit to a fast food restaurant. However, we both LOVE Taco Bell, so who says it can’t be romantic? This still gave us the chance to splurge a little on eating out, while also ensuring that we were both interacting with just each other during dinner… Not watching TV, playing video games, working on homework/work, or the various other activities that we tend to gravitate towards (sadly) whenever we eat.

What about after that? We went to Dave & Busters!

So this is where the good stuff actually happens. We decided to spend $10 each on a playing card at D&B. The rules? We would play the games, both together and separately, and then whatever tickets we ended up with, we would use to purchase gift(s) for our S.O. This way, we would still be getting each other gifts for V-Day, but we would also be spending so much more fun and romantic time together! We both love D&B, and this was a cost-efficient way to celebrate our love while also having a nice mini-date. Maybe once we move up in the world and become better at adulting, we can actually eat at D&B instead of a fast food restaurant. And even more daring… Perhaps we can up the ante and buy a $20 playing card! :O

V-Day 2017!

V Day 2017

I absolutely had to get him the Iron Man plushie… It’s his favorite super hero! AND I figured since it’s V-Day, might as well buy into the whole cliche of getting my S.O. (even if he is a man, or perhaps especially because he’s a man!) a stuffed animal/super hero in this case. As you scroll down to our other years, you’ll see that I am making this stuffed-thing a nice tradition-inside-of-a-tradition 😉 Tradition-Ception!

V-Day 2018!

V Day 2018

So I think that this was our most successful V-Day out of all three years so far. We got SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!! We also found out that he absolutely LOVES to play Yahtzee (and is good at it, seeing as he got me a stuffed pokeball AND a mug this year!). So, naturally, for Christmas 2018 I got him his very own Yahtzee game 🙂

V-Day 2019!

V Day 2019

As you can see, I have to keep up with the tradition of getting him a Chinese finger trap… He’d never touched one prior to V-Day 2017! Crazy, I know, his childhood must have been tragic. This was a pretty good year 🙂 We both got a cup from each other, and I am excited to start using mine! I really wanted to get him a neon-colored shot glass… But those things are expensive! And then I wouldn’t have been able to get him his cup… Maybe next year!

So this is our V-Day tradition, 3 years and going strong! 🙂 What’s yours? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. This is so cute! My husband and I just buy video games for each other for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes we go out to dinner in sweatpants and hang out, sometimes we order a pizza in to play the video games we bought for each other. We are clearly very romantic…


  2. This is very sweet! I can 100% relate to the broke college kids part; it can be really hard to find a way to celebrate in a way that’s affordable on a commercial holiday. And totally agree about the expense of cards—what’s up with that?? Lol. This year we kept it very low key and ordered a pizza and watched Netflix. Nothing big, but we were able to save some money and look forward to spending it on our own terms. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. And thanks for sharing what you did! That sounds nice and cozy 🙂 it’s been a while since we’ve ordered pizza and just hung out… we’ll have to make some time to do that soon! 🙂


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