Book Review: Wrathborne


  • Title: Wrathborne
  • Author: K.R. Doroc
  • Series: Wrathborne, #1
  • Genre: Medieval Fiction
  • Publishing Date: March 8th, 2019
  • Publishing Co.: Indie
  • Length: 91 pages
  • Format: Kindle Unlimited
  • Acquired: Given free digital copy in exchange for an honest review
  • Amazon LinkWrathborne

Intrigue. Betrayal. Violence. 

Andor has been at peace for years, but the ravages of bloody civil war are still firmly imprinted in people’s memories. When Duke Oberon finds a member of his house assassinated by the very man his King has asked him to visit in peace, he knows he has no choice but to enter the lion’s den once more. 

Erol is a young champion and supremely ambitious. When he stumbles across a mysterious captive, a man whose fate could decide the future of the kingdom, he reaches a crossroads in his life. Does he murder an innocent man for the safety of the realm, or does he help him and threaten the very peace Andor’s people have been longing for?

*Since this is a novella, I will not be doing a first chapter challenge*

Final Judgment: 3.5 Stars out of 5

In this short novel by K.R. Doroc, we get to see the unfolding of a completely new fantasy realm, Andor. It is home to a King, Baron, Duke, and various other officials, all of which are plotting against each other. Andor has had a bloody history up until recently, will they be thrown back into a war because their nobles can’t get along? We follow the footsteps of the Duke, a spy, a noble loyal to the Duke, and two soldiers on opposite sides. Each viewpoint shows the tensions of Andor growing ever taut… Who will be the one to break first?

‘Oh those are but two of my many talents Nero. My main talent is a much more simple one, one much easier to wield. Death. Death marches in my wake Nero, and I’ve already established quite a friendly acquaintance with the gatekeeper.’ (Loc 541)

The first thing that struck me with this novel was that the POV is first person… With multiple characters. It does help that the chapters are headed with the name of the character presently in first person, but it is a bit of a jarring experience and takes a little getting used to. In retrospect, however, it did help me get to know the characters a little better as I was able to know exactly what they were thinking.

On the topic of characters, I did want more character building. Despite the first person point of view, I was still left feeling as if each character’s actions were questionable. I think that this is because I just did not know the characters very well, and so I wasn’t able to predict their tendencies or emotions. But to be fair, this was a very short novel and so the character building was sufficient for a less-than 100-page book. Hopefully I will get to know each of them a little better in the rest of the series!

‘We shall play the part and he will think us lambs for the slaughter. Very well, let the wolf come and we will show him these lambs have teeth! Let him feel the wrath of House Oberon when we reach out reckoning.’ (Loc 499).

On a much more positive note, the world-building was absolutely PHENOMENAL! The entire book was so descriptive that it felt like I was actually traveling with each of the characters. I could practically smell the horses we were riding.

As for the plot, it was very intricate and a bit difficult to follow, but perhaps that is how it’s supposed to be. It lent the book a bit of mystery, the reader never quite sure what was going on, thus leaving us in suspense and wanting to continue turning pages.

Overall, a pretty decent book. Perhaps too short for the depth of this kind of tale, but definitely makes it quick and easy to read! Worth the read, in my mind. I will for sure be picking up the next book in the series!

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