June Wrap-Up!


I was definitely a slacker this month! For my blog at least. However, I was VERY productive in all other avenues of my life 😉 This month I really decided to focus on my school work, cleaning up my house/yard, and preparing to teach my first semester of high school English (EVER), so I really didn’t get to read or post as much as I wanted to. But my classes are almost over for the summer, work has settled into a nice rhythm, and I feel satisfied with my prepping for next school year! I can already feel that July is going to be a great month! 🙂

So here are the (sad) stats for this month:

Books Read:

I do not include books that I DNF or couldn’t rate 3+ stars 

The Fire He Started by Sarah Connor

Fire He Started, The

3.5 Stars. A psychological thriller and romance novel wrapped up in one crazy ride! The first half of the book is not really worth the read… But the second half-! Oh my goodness you  won’t know what hit you! There’s romance, supernatural forces, mysterious intrigue… You name it! Definitely worth the read when it’s over! First in the Paralystax series. Contains adult language, sexual content/violence.

The Unknown Hero by Isaac Philips

Unknown Hero, The

3.5 Stars. A sci-fi set in a different universe, on the brink of war as an unknown species suddenly shows up heavily armed. Amazing world and character building along with futuristic technology sets this book apart from any other old sci-fi. Review coming soon!

The Story of Evil: Heroes of the Siege Volume I by Tony Johnson

Story of Evil, The

4 Stars. An epic fantasy following 3 different characters as their home is overrun by monsters. Great worldbuilding, emotional fighting, and a cliffhanger ending make this first book in the Heroes of the Siege series hard to put down! I will definitely be picking up the second! Review coming soon!

He Wrote In Red by Mary Stein Myers

He Wrote in Red.jpg

4.5 Stars. A psychological thriller with hints of romance, a clinical psychologist becomes the target of a psychopath, ready for murder. Does she make it out alive? Or will she–and everyone she loves–become a victim? Contains adult language and sexual content. Review coming soon!


I did not get to any this month! However, I have a nice stack of 5 books sitting on top of my dresser that I am currently staring at, just waiting to have their pictures taken! Will also have 2 more potentials after my July reading! Keep an eye out!

Books to Read in July:

So, I have some spillover from June since I really didn’t do much this last month… But, my list is still manageable! AND the last two books are bonuses if I get them done in July, because really they’re set for August. But I figured why not include them just in case? Give you all a sneak peek of what’s to come!

  1. Finish The Coordinate by Marc Jacobs
  2. The Blade Witch by Nygel Oglesby
  3. Resurrection Men by David Craig
  4. Legend of the Stone Keepers by J.L. Trepanier
  5. The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi by Kelvyn Fernandes
  6. Our War by Craig DiLouie
  7. Betrayal of Ka by Shea Oliver
  8. Curses of Scale by Stephen Reeves
  9. A Gleam of Light by T.J. and M.L. Wolf
  10. The Pilgrim Stone by J.D. Bowens
  11. The First of Their Kind by C.D. Tavenor

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