Book Review: The Unknown Hero

The Unknown Hero copy

  • Title: The Unknown Hero
  • Author:  Isaac Philips
  • Series: The Unknown Hero, #1
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure
  • Publishing Date: May 3rd, 2018
  • Publishing Co.: Imaginary Publications, LLC
  • Length: 413 pages
  • Format: Kindle Unlimited, Paperback
  • Acquired: Given a free paperback copy in exchange for an honest review
  • Amazon LinkThe Unknown Hero

“Something had flinched in the darkness. He scanned the scene, his eyes straining to penetrate the walls of rain and mist. Then he saw it, a giant form as pitch black as the night…” 

Why have they come? Fear and speculation ripple across the solar system, when an immense warfleet shows up out of nowhere. The leaders of the seven inhabited worlds must scramble to determine a course of action. Together, they can stand against the threat, but their own underhanded schemes divide them.

Swept into the political panic, a timid, young rancher will have to unravel the secrets of the solar system that he holds dear. He will come face to face with the invaders and witness the first acts of war. To survive will take bravery, strength, and more than a little cunning.

The Unknown Hero is its own brand of sci-fi, driven by adventure and interplanetary politics. Meet memorable characters on all sides of the conflict, explore vibrant worlds, and immerse yourself in the mysteries that will change the fate of the solar system.

First Chapter Challenge: 18 pages

In this prologue and first chapter, we get a glimpse of a strange futuristic race of beings flying in a spaceship and apparently attempting an invasion? Juxtaposed with this, we also come across a peaceful ranching community, perhaps not futuristic, but definitely unfamiliar as the beings are all of alien races unknown to our world. I am already intrigued within these first two chapters! I sense a collision of these two stories and I want to see what will show forth through the explosion!

Final Judgement: 3.5 Stars out of 5

Isaac Philips, in his futuristic novel from another galaxy, explores a tense political climate as a new species shows up unannounced, armed for war. With a plethora of futuristic inventions and a variety of alien races and worlds, Philips creates an entirely new universe, fraught with dangerous political times and on the brink of a great war. The book follows a Midek (one of the many unique races depicted), who loses his brother to an invader. His life is thus turned completely around as he journeys to different worlds, navigating his way through the political climate and trying to do the best he can for those he believes in. Will it be enough?

Valexs shrugged. “I can only think of a few things that I’m really scared of, losing my family for one. I do know this: courage is not a lack of fear but the ability to see beyond it, to keep your eye on the prize that is victory. We’re not here to sit around and be comfortable. Aye! We’re here to fight for that which is good and true!” (pg. 311).

I love the pure amount of diversity that Philips includes in this novel, regarding races, cultures, worlds, inventions, etc. It is absolutely amazing. I would never be able to weave everything together as seamlessly as he does, but he makes it look easy! I am completely transported into a whole new world (No, Aladdin, not you!), where no one looks like me and no world is just like mine; where all my biases disappear. I have only the author to rely upon as I interpret this world and its characters, and I love it.

One problem that I ran into with this amazing world building is the fact that there is a TON of frontloading at the beginning of the book. We readers are simply thrown into this new universe, and are expected to sink or swim. I, unfortunately, found myself halfway drowning as I attempted to juggle all the different descriptions of races, who was in charge of what planet, what their allegiances were, the politics behind everything, etc. It was a bit overwhelming. If there were some graphics, such as a chart of the universe–with each leader of each planet noted–or pictures of each race were included in the book, it would have vastly improved my reading experience. As such, this book is better suited for those familiar with the fantasy/sci-fi book world, as those readers will have a better chance at keeping everything in mind.

I do want to mention that the novel does include a glossary at the front, defining the precious metals, notable ores, and the time/distance measurements used within this solar system. Although the different measurement system was slightly off-putting in the beginning, I simply skimmed the measurements and approximated what I thought they would be in my own mind as I was reading. I will admit that the glossary was very useful in acquainting myself with this new world.

“When you are down in the valley you never come up in the same place you went in. The valley forces you to make a choice. You can become bitter and depressed in the shambles of your former life, or you can use that opportunity to lay a stronger foundation and rebuild as a better person. You have to make that choice.” (pg. 55).

The character building in this novel is somewhat mixed in my mind. The various side characters are decently fleshed out, with their own motivations and beliefs easy to decipher and understand. But as for our two main characters, I wish there had been a little more. The novel jumps right into the story of Kiiyeepo (the Midek) and how lost he is after losing his brother to an invader. But I felt slightly cheated from that relationship, as I never really got to see them together. I never got to experience their brotherly love and bond. I wish there had been more of that, as well as simply more building within the main characters of Kiiyeepo and Valex throughout the novel. However, I will admit that there are multiple POVs and that definitely helps me get a little more into the heads of the various characters. I especially enjoy the POVs that view the world from an invader’s perspective!

As for the writing itself, there were many minor editing errors. This probably hits me harder than most as a future English teacher, but I just wanted to mention it in case grammar errors kick others out of the story like myself.

Could there be a place more exotic and mystifying than a planet they hadn’t known existed? Their imaginations buzzed with excitement, wonder, and not nearly enough fear. The great unknown had welcomed them, singing its peaceful ballad and sharpening its claws (pg. 181).

Overall, the book was worth the read! Definitely a different concept with some unexpected plot twists. Be prepared to encounter a world totally unlike our own, with races and technology far beyond our comprehension! I will be picking up the next book in the series, will you?


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  1. Excellent review. 🙂 Despite the phenomenal world-building, the author seems to have missed out a bit on showing the love between the two brothers. This can indeed be bothersome. I agree with you this book is suited for hardcore sci-fi/fantasy fans.

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