N.E.W.T.s Magical Readathon!

NEWTs 2019

Hi everyone! We are back again at Hogwarts, this time to take our NEWTs! If you are new to this magical readathon, it is hosted by Bookroast over on Youtube and is absolutely AMAZING. Now, if you have been with us the whole time, we all took our OWLs in April as precursors to the career that we would like to obtain. But now comes the hard part!

So, I am on course to be a Hogwarts Professor, teaching Potions! Here is my OWLs wrap-up post, showing that I completed all the OWLs needed for that. In order to finish off my exams and gain a spot as a professor, here is what I need to do:

Screenshot (41)


O in Potions


E in Defense Against the Dark Arts


2+ A’s in secondary subjects of my choosing




For reference, here is the link to the Career’s Guide

I only have to complete 4 exams!

However, for the NEWTs, it’s a little trickier to get the higher grades… Let’s take a look at what these exams encompass and my tentative TBR for each! Here is the link to the complete list of NEWTs prompts for your convenience!

O in Potions:

A: Pollyjuice potion: Read your friend’s favorite book!

This is actually my brother’s favorite right now, but he’s my friend too!

Second Skin

E: House Ingredient: Book with a cover in your Hogwarts’ House color

(since I am Ravenclaw, I had to pick a book with a blue cover, and this one has blue in it! I promise it looks more blue in person. Perhaps I’m pushing the line just a teeny bit with this one, but oh well!)


O: Book that starts with a Prologue

East Wind.jpg

E in Defense Against the Dark Arts

A: Book that’s black under the dust jacket

I do not have a book for this one yet! Any recommendations?? If I can’t find a hardcover book I really like, I’ll just go with a book with a mostly black cover…

E: Gilderoy’s memory charm– Book that you remembered just now from your TBR

Legend of the Stone Keepers.jpg

A in Care of Magical Creatures

AFollow the spiders! Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies! Book title that starts with a letter A, for Aragog!

Artic Adagio.jpg

A in Charms

A: Read a book that you think has a gorgeous cover

Gossamer Mage.jpg

Are you also participating in the NEWTs Magical Readathon 2019? If so, what are you reading? What NEWTs have you passed already? Which are you working on? Let me know below in the comments!





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