The Book Dragon is BACK!


Hi everyone!Thanks so much for continuing to enjoy my blog and sending me messages, even when I haven’t been very active (okay, at ALL active) in the past few months.

This was my first semester of teaching–I finished my student teaching in the fall, woot!–and I actually found a job at a great school! See my big girl headshot above. Needless to say, this semester has been a doozy. Trying to be the best teacher I can be, while also finishing up graduate classes, planning my wedding, dealing with the pandemic as a teacher, AND mediating some family drama (that I’ll not get into here), completely drained me. As such, my blog tended to take a backseat as I had to rearrange some priorities.

But, now I’m back, Book Wyrms! (ha, see what I did there, Wyrms? aka Dragons?)

Now that school is out, both for me as a teacher and for me as a graduate student, I am ready to dive back into reading and reviewing!

I hope you all will continue to enjoy my reviews and let me know what other content you would like to see!

For a sneak peak of what reviews are coming soon…. My TBR pile!

IMG_2645 (1)

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