May Wrap-Up!

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This is actually going to be a January through May wrap-up, since I just got back into blogging this month. You have all been so kind to keep me going through my first year of teaching AND graduate school, and I love you all for it! 🙂 Thank you for all the messages I received and everyone who asked if I was okay, since I’ve been gone for a few (okay, MANY) months.

But, now that it’s summer, and I can officially say that I have my first year of being a high school English teacher under my belt, I’m ready to jump back into my blog! I missed it and you all 🙂

I’ve also started 3 new reading challenges for 2020! Of course, the Goodreads yearly challenge–I dropped down to 75 books this year instead of the 100 that I tried (and failed) to get to last year. But also, the 2020 A to Z Reading Challenge hosted by Ginger Mom and Company, as well as the NEW 2020 Reading challenge with over 60 prompts and different levels!

So, here are the stats for these past 5 months:

Books Read:

I do not include books that I DNF or couldn’t rate 3+ stars. 

Dreams of Winter by Christian Warren Freed

Dreams of Winter

3.5 Star Review. A Sci-Fi novel with a bit of fantasy and magic intertwined. The Gods are dead, but their three sons are still loose on the world. When the worst of them breaks out of prison and begins working on the planet Cimeat, the whole planet is thrown into chaos. Lots of intrigue, multiple POVs, and a good plot. Sometimes hard to keep up with, but great for Sci-Fi enthusiasts!

Moroda by LL McNeil


3 Star Review. A fantasy novel that wants to be YA with just a bit of cursing and older characters that act much younger. Moroda, the protagonist, works together with an unlikely band of “friends” to defeat a man that is stealing the power of dragons to dominate the entire world.

Caresaway by DJ Cockburn

Image result for caresaway by dj cockburn

5 Star Review! This very short novella from DJ Cockburn (my second DJ Cockburn story, after Artic Adagio). It was quick and easy to read, however very different from what I had expected. The premise is that a successful businessman created this new drug that eases depression…but also causes psychopathy.

The Marshal by JS Matthews

Marshal, The

3 Star Review. This is a great book for anyone who loves Westerns. It is set in post-apocalyptic America, where nuclear bombs have destroyed the planet as well as most of humanity. The survivors have since regressed into a Western-style civilization, where the police force (the Marshals) chase down a notorious criminal set to destroy the world anew. Does contain many typos and grammatical/spelling errors.

The Pilgrim Stone by JD Bowens

Pilgrim Stone, The

Review coming soon! This is the first novel in the Adventures in Amarant series. Fantasy novel chock full of magic and adventure. JD Bowens also wrote a short stories collection called Adventures in Amarant, which I have already reviewed (click the link to see my review!).

Daughters of Fire and Sea by Holly Karlsson

Daughters of Fire and Sea

Review coming soon! Great fantasy novel about a pair of sisters who must flee the only home they’ve ever known after their mother–presumed dead–returns to them. They travel the world and learn that there is more to myths than they thought… In fact, they have magic!

First of Their Kind by CD Tavenor

Image result for first of their kind

Review Coming Soon! I did not read this novel this year, but I wanted to include it to let you know what’s coming up! This is a sci-fi novel about the first SI (synthetic intelligence), which is much more “human” than the traditional view of an AI. It was a really interesting take on how technology is developing, gender norms, climate change, etc. It opened a dialogue for these different, somewhat-controversial concepts, and I really enjoyed how it made me think.

Her Crown of Fire by Renee April

Image result for her crown of fire

Review Coming Soon! I did not read this novel this year, but I wanted to include it to let you know what’s coming up! Great book! Two best friends from the mortal world (one magic, one non-magic) find themselves in an alternate magic world, and they have to figure out how to survive. This book is full of genuine friendships and unpredictable events, and I loved it. I will say that it may have been a little too easy–there was almost no incredulity over the magic in this newfound world–and there was a lot of behind-the scenes action happening for housekeeping reasons that slightly irked me. But other than that, great book!


I only did a couple unofficial bookstagrams these past few months. But be on the lookout for more! I have a bunch of print copies to take pictures of!! Now, I just need to find the time and inspiration… Good thing my artsy little sister moved in with me this summer so she can help!

Books to Read in June:

I have started to stray away from my monthly books to read, because I’ve been jumping around. If I can’t get into a book right away, I don’t want to feel pressured to suffer through it and read it in that month. I’ve found that allowing myself to read more with what I am currently feeling not only drastically improved my reading experience, but also the ratings I give the books! It’s basically a win-win for everyone if I don’t limit myself on which specific books to read each month. However, I will still include the books that I THINK I will be reading this month, just so you can have (potentially) something to look forward to. Let me know in the comments if you are (or have) reading any as well!

  1. Re-reading Solace Lost by Michael Sliter in preparation for its sequel!
  2. Sorrowfish by Anne C. Miles (The Call of the Lorica, #1)
  3. The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan (WoT #2)
  4. The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky
  5. The Story of Evil Volume II: Escape from Celestial by Tony Johnson

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  1. Wow, congratulations on completing your first year of teaching (from a fellow teacher)! It’s amazing how much the job can suck up your time and energy! 🤣 Enjoy the holidays, happy reading!


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