What Have I Been Up To?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been a bit MIA the past few days, as I’ve had a lot going on IRL. But I want to assure you that I haven’t forgotten about y’all 🙂 More posts coming soon! I’m thinking about interspersing other-themed posts with my book reviews, so pleeeease give me any recommendations! Perhaps updates on my own writing, book tags, writing prompts, getting to know me, etc. Tell me below in the comments what you’d like to see!

So, what have I been up to?

img_29651. My little sister moved in with me at the end of May, and we’ve been bonding ever since! We’re both trying to learn a new language (she with Japanese and me with French), and so a lot of our time is spent studying and practicing our speaking. I bought Le Petit Prince to help me with my reading comprehension!

img_23392. I finally went to David’s Bridal and not only picked up my own wedding gown (squeeee!), but my bridesmaids also all picked out their dresses as well! It actually worked out perfectly, because they all ended up loving the exact same dress.

img_28713. My mom just bought a house after a bit of a chaotic past year and a half. Hopefully, this will help her settle down 🙂 So, my sister and I have been de-wallpapering the ENTIRE HOUSE, because yes, the previous owners had atrocious wallpaper on EVERY SINGLE WALL in the house. And this is a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with an office, kitchen, and 3 living rooms (not to mention hallways/walkways). We spent two days (8 hours each day!) doing just 3 rooms. This is the main reason I haven’t been posting. That crap took time! And then I was so dead afterwards.

4. We also helped my mom move in over the weekend (no, we’re not done de-wallpapering… We’ll have to work around furniture now). That was actually fun, getting a feel for the house as actually hers, as well as seeing my older brother and my mom’s new boyfriend’s kids as well. It was hot work, but I didn’t mind it.

Eli5. On Friday, I had a scary movie night with my close-knit friendgroup. We watched Eli, which was actually pretty good! Not what I expected, but that’s definitely a bonus when it comes to scary movies.

img_2966.png 6. Annnnd last, but not least, Sunday was, of course, Father’s Day. My sister and I went over to my dad’s house and we played Risk: Godstorm the entire time. It was nice 🙂 My dad won, for once! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

img_2964-17. BONUS!! I also wanted to mention that I’ve been working on my WIP again! I finally got over my perfectionism (although, it’s a constant battle), and have vowed not to let it continue destroying my creativity. I may not be writing the best words possible, but at least I’m making some progress!

What have you all been up to in the last week? Anything exciting? I’m “lucky” as a teacher that I don’t have too much to do over the summer (ha!) and so I can focus a little more on me than normal 🙂

What do you do for self-care? What hobbies have you reawakened?

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