Book Review: The Void Mage

Void Mage, The

  • Title: The Void Mage
  • Author: Honor Raconteur
  • Series: Familiar and the Mage
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Publishing Date: November 22nd, 2017
  • Publishing Co.: Raconteur House
  • Length: 313 pages
  • Format: Kindle Unlimited, Paperback
  • Acquired: Borrowed on Kindle Unlimited
  • Amazon Link: The Void Mage

After two years of training in Turransky under a new master, Rena is a proper Void Mage, supposedly ready to handle whatever the world throws at her. Which is just as well because
Toh’sellor’s influence has proven it can pop shards up anywhere at any given time across all three continents, with nothing to use to predict it. Worse still, it doesn’t seem to have any real restrictions. Meaning they’re in the middle of a losing battle, and even if they destroy the shards, they’re losing the overall war.

The Magical Intercontinental Specialist Division approach her, asking for help and offering support in dealing with the shards, but Rena senses it’s not just the shards they want help with.

She has a terrible premonition about what they really want her to destroy, and she’s not sure if anyone has enough power to accomplish it.

Rena just wonders how long it will take before someone says it out loud.

Final Judgment: 4.5 Stars out of 5

This is the second book in the Familiar and the Mage series. See my 5 Star review of the first book, The Human Familiar, here. In an attempt not to repeat myself, this review will act under the assumption that you have already read the first one. This means that there may be spoilers for the first book in this review. 

Bannen and Rena have lived with Mary, the Void Mage, for the last 2 years, training and learning more about each other. But now, they are ready to go out into the world on their own, taking on their own jobs and moving into their own house. They do this by taking on the individual shards of Toh’sellor, until the MISD decides to offer a temporary contract to work for them. Bannen and Rena team up with a pair of agents, basically their mirror images, and fight alongside them, ridding the world of pieces of Toh’sellor, one shard at a time. But it’s not long before they realize that they’ll have to go after the real deal if they have any chance of keeping the world safe from its chaos. Can Rena’s magic defeat the biggest threat the world has ever faced? Can Bannen keep her safe while she tries?

Again, Raconteur does an amazing job with the worldbuilding and humor weaved throughout the novel. Rena’s magic is fascinating, and it was exciting to get a closer look at it! Even more than that, we got a better glimpse into the world itself as a whole. Bannen and Rena traipse the three continents, meeting all kinds of different people and learning about different cultures.

Sprinkled–or, more like dumped–throughout the story is Raconteur’s hilarious humor. She had me laughing out loud on practically every chapter, especially the Bannen chapters. Chi–basically Bannen’s twin–was a great addition to the story, allowing Bannen’s humor to double and play off of itself, leading to better jokes and more opportunities for laughing.

I also love the reluctant love between Bannen and Rena. Their hesitant advances and heartbreaking doubt seriously pedaled me through this book. I kept turning the page so that I could see how their relationship would turn out. It has now graduated from something less friendly, and more romantic. My heartstrings were vibrating!

However, the reason why this is only 4.5 stars instead of 5 like the first book, is that Bannen and Rena still act exactly the same as two years ago. They still have that teenage mentality, and it’s the same for Chi and Vee, who are at least a decade older. It makes the story a bit jarring at times, as they act much younger than they claim to be. Especially when in serious situations or under the administration of the MISD. Their behavior would not be realistic in such circumstances, and it detracted a bit from the novel.

Other than that, I loved it! I finished this one in a day and a half, after re-reading The Human Familiar the day before. I am excited to continue on this journey with Bannen and Rena, and see how their relationship–and the fate of the world–progresses.

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