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July Wrap-Up!


I was able to read a decent amount this month, although I started to slow down near the end, as I started getting ready to start school again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue around this pace during the school year–at least this semester, while I don’t have any grad classes–although COVID is definitely keeping me busy making changes every day to my lessons. Here’s to hoping for a good, SAFE, year!

So, here are the stats for the past month:

Books Read:

I do not include books that I DNF or couldn’t rate 3+ stars. 

Pauper King by E. Marlowe Stuart

Pauper King

3 Star Review. I admit that I was a bit disappointed by this read, as all the reviews/ratings I saw of it were absolutely amazing. I just didn’t get that from my own read. Overall, this was an interesting book, and one that I recommend to those who enjoy long novels, blood and gore, and a really slow burn (which really didn’t even end in much of a climax) in a fairytale world. It was not quite engaging enough for me, but I was still able to finish it in only a few days!

The Arena by R.B. Ellis

Arena, The

4 Star Review. Overall, this novel was an interesting ride. Not quite what I expected, and I was unable to really form any new expectations as I went through it. But, it was fun. I enjoyed the grimdark themes, the violence, and most of all, the characters. Keep in mind there are several triggers: adult language, sexual content, and graphic violence.

The Human Familiar by Honor Raconteur

Human Familiar

5 Star Review. This was a reread in order to get myself primed for the second book in the Familiar and the Mage series. And the second read was just as good as the first! The characters were witty, charming, and completely relatable. My emotions were constantly in flux, and I could not put this book down for the life of me.

The Void Mage by Honor Raconteur

Void Mage, The

4.5 Star Review. The second book in the Familiar and the Mage series, Bannen and Rena have grown closer and are more confident in Rena’s strange magic. They have a newfound purpose in the magical community, and spend their time attempting to fulfill their purpose. This novel continues with lighthearted humor as new and genuine relationships form.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

animal farm

5 Star Rating (no written review). I read this novel so that I could teach it to my sophomore English students later this year–they read it for summer homework. A great allegory of any corrupt government, and a warning for those who wish to inspire change.

Solace Lost by Miachel Sliter

Solace Lost

5 Star Review. This was a reread in preparation for the sequel, and it is still one of my favorite reads… EVER. There is quite a bit of adult humor, epic fantasy and dark and harrowing adventures! It’s definitely large, but I still want more! I can’t wait to finish Wisdom Lost next month!

The Hidden King by E.G. Radcliff

hidden king

3.5 Star Review coming soon! This is a bit of a “rags to riches” kind of story, as a flame-wielding man from the darkest pit of society learns about his true heritage. A bit predictable, but the world building is unique and the lack of adventure leaves the reader wanting more after the pages end. The first in a series, I will be picking up the second book!

The Pilgrim Stone by JD Bowens

Pilgrim Stone, The

4 Star Review. This is the first novel in the Adventures in Amarant series. Fantasy novel chock full of magic and adventure. JD Bowens also wrote a short stories collection called Adventures in Amarant, which I have already reviewed (click the link to see my review!). I didn’t read this book this month, but I included it since I wrote the review in July. 

Daughters of Fire and Sea by Holly Karlsson

Daughters of Fire and Sea

4.5 Star Review. Great fantasy novel about a pair of sisters who must flee the only home they’ve ever known after their mother–presumed dead–returns to them. They travel the world and learn that there is more to myths than they thought… In fact, they have magic! I didn’t read this book this month, but I included it since I wrote the review in July. 


Since I posted just about every day in July, here are some of my favorite posts from this month! 🙂 If you want to see more of my bookstagramming, add me on IG @TheBookDrag0n. You can also see my most recent posts on the sidebar to the right.

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I was tagged by @riverofwords2020 to do the #sixbookcolourchallenge! I just so happened to have 6 vibrantly red books on hand ☺️ and a little doodad my sister got while we visited the Colosseum in Italy! I’ve been wanting to use more knickknacks in my photos, but I never feel like they quite belong… These are all books (excepting the GOT one) that I’ve already read. Of these, Warbreaker is definitely my favorite, but I’m a bit biased since BrandoSando is my go-to author. Eldest holds quite a bit of nostalgia for me and I love the hoops my mind has to flip through with The DaVinci Code and No Country for Old Men. 🔹QOTD🔹 What is the majority color that decorates your shelves? Mine is actually not red, despite the picture. I just love how bright these 6 are. But my books actually tend to be multicolored (fantasy fans, where ya at) I tag @eternal.chapters @poursandpages @beccylikesbooks @bookstacksngoldenmoms @__shereads @thereadingcinderella_ and anyone else who would like to do this challenge! . . #bookstagram #book #bookstagrammer #booklover #booknerd #bookaddict #booksbooksbooks #booksofinstagram #igread #bookphotography #bookphoto #bibliophile #booksta #bookish #bookstacommunity #bookdragon #readersofinstagram #read #readingcommunity #instabook #amreading #gameofthrones #georgerrmartin #eragon #christopherpaolini #brandonsanderson #torbooks #thedavincicode #nocountryforoldmen

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Books to Read in August:

I have started to stray away from my monthly books to read, because I’ve been jumping around. If I can’t get into a book right away, I don’t want to feel pressured to suffer through it and read it in that month. I’ve found that allowing myself to read more with what I am currently feeling not only drastically improved my reading experience, but also the ratings I give the books! It’s basically a win-win for everyone if I don’t limit myself on which specific books to read each month. However, I will still include the books that I THINK I will be reading this month, just so you can have (potentially) something to look forward to. Let me know in the comments if you are (or have) reading any of these as well!

  1. Continue re-reading The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan (WoT #2)
  2. Continue the audiobook of Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
  3. Wisdom Lost by Michael Sliter
  4. The Story of Evil Volume II: Escape from Celestial by Tony Johnson
  5. 1984 by George Orwell

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