Top 5 Wednesday: Can You Please Repeat That?

Top 5 Wednesday's prompt today is Can You Please Repeat That? February 17: Can You Please Repeat That? If you read sci-fi, fantasy, or foreign books, you’ve probably come across a name where you just stop and stare at it. How the heck do you pronounce that?? For this week’s T5W, what are the top five most confusing or unpronounceable names you’ve come across in your reading?

Top 5 Wednesday: Fitness and Training Regimens

Top 5 Wednesday's prompt today is Fitness and Training Regimens. In fantasy/adventure type fiction, I swear some of these characters have lethal skills and would probably be elite athletes. So, how did they learn their skills and how much effort went into it? These are characters that I would like to see their fitness/training routines. 

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