Book Review: Insynnium

In this mysterious novel by Tim Cole, one of the main characters, Max, is able to time travel after taking a new sleeping aid pill. His time traveling lasts 1 full year and has no consequences in the present time. As we travel through the book and Max's past, we find that there is an even bigger conspiracy at play here. Duncan and Pierre hide their involvement in the creation of Insynnium, Max's mom Grace and Duncan hide their relationship, Max and his wife Rachel struggle through rocky times, and new age technology is cropping up in the Middle East. How does all of this connect to Max and Insynnium? Only time will tell!


Book Review: Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause

In this action-packed space opera where multiple factions are constantly fighting each other and turning traitors as secrets regarding clones are revealed, M.R. Richardson takes his reader on a thrilling adventure, through a futuristic time, on different planets, and around space itself. There was already one Genetics war regarding the fate of clones; will this be another? With the death toll in the hundreds of millions--if not billions?

Book Review: Eclipse

This one was a hard one to judge... I have to be honest, I was almost tempted not to even rate it this high/not review it, but I am glad that I decided not to DNR it! The first part of the novel is awkward and I did not like it much at all. BUT, the last part more than makes up for it! So it seems to me like this is a simmer-till-the-good-stuff kind of book. 

Book Review: Imagine

In this very short first chapter, which is in reality just over 2 pages long of actual text, we are introduced to the young character of Becky. She is depicted as a book enthusiast, especially regarding fantastical worlds and quests galore. Safely snuggled under her blankets, contemplating which book to read right under her parents' noses, Becky is yanked from her world and everything she thinks she knows. Pretty soon, she will understand that no longer will she be reading about heroines, but living as one.

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