Book Review: Eternal Shadow

Something has come into Earth's galaxy, and has already consumed 3 planets--assuming that Pluto is still considered a planet. But it's not done. It turns its course for Earth, allowing the scientists across the globe a chance to band together in the next 8 years before the green and blue planet is destroyed as well. But knowing humanity, will they be able to put aside their differences and political agendas for a long 8 years to ensure their survival? Or will the pettiness of human nature win out, the Earth's doom already written in the stars?

Book Review: Her Crown of Fire

In this fantasy novel by Renee April, Rose Evermore is more than she appears. She is drawn to a river in her world, and as she and her best friend Tyson fall in, they are transported to another world--a magical world. As she tries to master her power over fire as a new fire mage in the Academy, Tyson must hide himself from that same Academy... Or else. But Rose is not one to simply sit around and let the bullies win. She has a plan, the only question is will it work in time?

Book Review: Second Skin: Fractures

In this LitRPG novel, set in a medieval "world," Dreya must figure out to survive as an outsider and hide her Deathless status from the world's native inhabitants. Dreya, her screen name in this new world, started off as an old man, who had lost everything in his life that was important to him, including his own wife. In a final attempt to make his life meaningful again, he enclosed himself into a new virtual reality game system, which took his body and placed it into this new, supposedly virtual world. But something happened as he was crossing over, and now he is stuck in the world as his avatar, Dreya. Throughout the novel, the man, now Dreya, is searching for ways to survive in the unfamiliar world, as well as searching for who she truly is. Is she the same man that her body left behind in the real world? Or is she actually becoming Dreya herself?

Book Review: Resurrection Men

In this seemingly normal story about a couple of body snatchers from Glasgow, Scotland in the late 19th century, David Craig takes us on a terrifying and unexpected journey fraught with creatures from a nightmare. Foley and Hunt wind their way through coverups and mystery, kidnappings and brainwashing, even murders, all simply so they can go back to their normal, mundane lives of scrounging up enough money to take to the bar at night and keep Foley's pharmacy open during the day. But when they begin to uncover the secrets of the Sooty Feathers Club, their lives can no longer be "normal." Now, Foley and Hunt have to fight for their lives with the help of the age-old Templars and a woman with a grudge. Will they be able to beat back the evil penetrating Glasgow? Or will they end up as a Vampyre's midnight meal?

Book Review: Arctic Adagio

This whodunit-esque novelette by D.J. Cockburn is set in the dystopian future, where the rich control the world, and the climate has perished under humanity's negligence. Rex Harme, a former police detective, is now working as security on a cruise ship in the Arctic Ocean, with some of the world's richest--and shallowest--people partying it up. But when one of the guests is thrown overboard, he must solve the mystery of the murderer's identity. 

Book Review: Kargaroth: A Tale of the Great Onion Knighthood

In this Epic fantasy, Atheme is in control of the great nation of Felthespar, a mighty warrior region. Abaddon, nicknamed the Daemon, becomes best friends with Atheme as they fight together and work towards strengthening Felthespar and weakening her enemies together. The two go through many difficult trials throughout their years together, bringing the province of Vantrisk back under Felthespar's control, dealing with the border nation Revian, entertaining the citizens of Felthespar with tournaments, bartering with mercenaries, and eventually coming together to attempt to defeat the power of the legendary sword, Kargaroth. Along with these two main characters are also the local legend Cildar and his Cainite friend, Myris. Additionally, Kinguin, one of the smartest minds and most crafty sorcerers in the world, uses his skills to Felthespar's advantage. All serve vital roles in the wars and battles to come, and each friendship is tested to its breaking point. Who will triumph, and who will perish?

Book Review: Worldshaper

Shawna is a Worldshaper from the First World. 10 years ago, she was given her own world to Shape (basically create however she wanted) by Ygrair, her past mentor and teacher. However, Shawna does not remember creating her world, or even Ygrair herself in the slightest, and so she has no idea that she is a Shaper... At least until Yatsar, on a save-the-worlds mission from Ygrair, enlightens her. And then they must flee through Shawna's world--which by the way is beginning to turn on her thanks to the Adversary--to reach a portal to another world in order to escape said Adversary and collect the Hokmah's of other worlds to eventually bring back to Ygrair. Got it? Oh yeah, and everyone that Shawna knew from her world, all of her memories prior to 10 years ago, all are fake. She created them herself. Her boyfriend, best friend, even her mother are all figments of her creation. 

Book Review: Whispers of Nowhere

The human Gwen and her two non-human sidekicks (or perhaps she is more the sidekick as they do most of the fighting!) are on a quest to find and restore all 9 of the seals to Nowhere, the prison the Gods created for dangerous entities. As they locate each seal, not only must they fight their way through the enemy---the entities Nowhere previously held and who will do anything rather than be imprisoned again--to reach each object, but Gwen must combat the hatred Phenex feels for her and her kind as well. The fate of the mortal, as well as the immortal, world is at stake, for if the Gods cannot reseal Nowhere, the dangerous entities will forever be at large, wreaking havoc upon the unsuspecting human population. Luckily, Forneus gains a bit of his powers back upon the recovery of each item, and it seems as though Gwen gains a little somethin' somethin' as well! But will it be enough to defeat Reeves and his shadow gang? 

Book Review: Codex of Light

The young Luminean, Dallet, is forced to embark upon a traditional fantasy-style quest, where he must deliver an important magical item to a faraway land. His youth and clerical studies have ill-prepared him for a life of survival on the road, and he soon faces deadly difficulties upon his journey. Will he still be able to protect the Codex? Will he make it to the city of the Brass Gates? Or will he even survive?

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