Book Review: Riders of Haven

Aervangarde holds many a tale filled with adventures of the Riders Guild, where men and women alike rise with their beasts to become greater than they are. Before Magnar's reign, it was a land built upon the backs of Riders who sought to bring out the strength in others. It was a land of greatness, of magic, where those seeking the light could rise from the ashes of their previous lives. But those are just tales now. Tales Aerrow no longer believes in. His only constant is the small town of Whitcreke where he lives in servitude to a rancher and his family. Even so, he still dreams to see the world outside his cage and explore all it has to offer. To see Aervangarde once more in the light of the Riders. Will an encounter with a strange wanderer push him to seek this light? Can he overcome his fears to be the man he wishes to be?

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