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About the Blog

My Promise

I solemnly swear that I am up to some good. I hereby vow that I will read bargain books and give my honest rating on their quality so that those after me may spend their time more wisely.

The Blog

Similar to the apex predator of the Dragon hunting for its next meal, I search for my next book. And just as Dragon Fire consumes everything in its wake, so too do I devour the words on a page.

IMG_9424 (1)

After years of being an avid reader–I mean, seriously; I can be so absorbed in a good book that I wouldn’t even notice a tornado tearing up my house around me–I finally decided to play more of an active role. I am constantly on the hunt for bargain books–because let’s face it, we’re all broke–but quality is hard to judge and I all too often find myself setting down a newly purchased book, disgusted. So this is the reason for my blog! I want to enact some sort of quality control on those cheap, promising novels that catch my eye at the most random of times.

I tend to gravitate towards Adult Fantasy novels, but I do like to branch out occasionally, so you will find a small variety of different genres (and a large variety of fantasy books) throughout my blog.


So, a little bit about me:

My name is Nikki and I am currently living in a beautifully forested area of St. Louis. As you can see above, I have two furbabies named Aslan and Zelda, and I also have a rambunctious kitty named Toph (below) who enjoys loungingimg_9317 on my shoulders as I work. I am a high school English teacher and just finished earning my Master’s in Education.

I have published short stories in five anthologies so far:

        1. The New Normal: A Zombie Anthology
      1. Beneath the Twin Suns: An Anthology
      2. Star Crossed: An Anthology of Romantic Science Fiction
      3. Heads and Tales: The Other Side of the Story
      4. In All Our Forms: A Shifter Anthology

My all-time favorite book series is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan… As can be evidenced by the quote below from my favorite character, Matrim Cauthon. Eventually, I aim to write a novel as intricate and eloquent as Jordan, but for now, I will simply have to sustain my aspirations with this blog. If you are interested in becoming writing buddies for accountability, funny writing quotes/puns, or just someone to bounce ideas off of, message me! I am available on Twitter, Instagram, NaNoWriMo (TheBookDrag0n), or here 🙂

Lately, it has been difficult to juggle who I am as a broke college kid with who I am as a reader and writer. What with working full time and finishing grad school, I have had practically zero time to write for fun. I also find myself feeling guilty buying new books and then “wasting” my little time with reading them… That is where the idea for this blog came from. I have finally admitted the fact that I cannot buy the hardcover books with their new-book-smell (oh, how I miss thee!), and so I am constantly on the hunt for dollar books (which do come with their own smells…). And now with this blog, I can feel productive while reading and give myself as outlet for my own writing.

This blog is included on IndieView, Kindlepreneur, and the Book Promotion Directory 2022. Click on the links above to view other amazing book review blogs!

Dovie’andi se tovya sagain– Mat Cauthon

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