Book Review: Wrathborne

In this short novel by K.R. Doroc, we get to see the unfolding of a completely new fantasy realm, Andor. It is home to a King, Baron, Duke, and various other officials, all of which are plotting against each other. Andor has had a bloody history up until recently, will they be thrown back into a war because their nobles can't get along? We follow the footsteps of the Duke, a spy, a noble loyal to the Duke, and two soldiers on opposite sides. Each viewpoint shows the tensions of Andor growing ever taut... Who will be the one to break first?


Book Review: Orphan’s Price

In this novel, the Pearl Nation has relegated itself to devoting its resources and people to scientific endeavors, as it has not produced a magic-user strong enough to pass the tests to become a full-fledged sorcerer in over 300 years—much to the country’s embarrassment. However, all that may be about to change with the unlikely character of Ren, a 16-year-old Orphan with nothing to his name. When he gets in a tussle with a classmate, his powers activate themselves as they never have before, which he admits to two diplomats from the Amethyst Nation—the country where sorcerers are trained. Now, Ren has to find a way to get himself to the Amethyst Nation to be tested and see if he can begin training to be a sorcerer, avoiding the various bullies in his life who would prefer to see him fail.

Book Review: Barriers

60 years into the future, and the Earth has been tormented by the sun for the last 40 years. Something caused it to destabilize at that time, and since then has been bombarding the Earth with powerful solar flares, baking the land and killing off its inhabitants. Luckily, a scientist was able to create a Barrier system, which now protects certain cities from the sun's harmful rays. Unfortunately, those Barriers come at a steep price, and do not cover even close to the entire world. In order to supposedly fund the Barriers and their upkeep, the government has strict regulations on who is able to be a Barrier resident, meaning that residents over the age of 12 have to be able to earn a meaningful income. Nathan is on a mission to fight these terms of living.

Book Review: Inevitable Ascension

Two friends, scorned by society more times than they can count team up to make a living hunting exotic animals and selling them on the blackmarket. Violina is our heroic protagonist, and Lux is the quirky and humorous sidekick--though I'm sure she'd claim equality. After one of their business deals goes awry, Violina liberates an ancient artifact and carries it around with her... Then, after everything seems to settle into place, finally, for the girls, they are thrust into a crazy, era-jumping adventure where the fate of the world is in their hands. Will they be able to avoid the butterfly effect of their time travel? Or do they need to make some changes for the betterment of their world?

Book Review: Catching Hell Part One

In this novel, best friends Aryu and Johan embark on a journey of revenge. They have sworn to destroy the mechanical army that devastated their village of Tan Torna Qu-ay, leaving only them--and their childhood enemy Esgona--the last living remnants of the peaceful village. Technology has been long-gone from this corner of the world, after destroying mankind twice, but now it seems that it is back, and more destructive than ever. Even worse, it seems to be led by a man with wings... Someone akin to Aryu. The friends split ways, Johan (and Esgona, unfortunately) to travel with various refugees to a different part of the world; one that is rumored to have the advanced weaponry necessary to fight off the mechanical army. Aryu travels with Nixon, the phoenix tasked by God to kill the bearer of the fabled sword Shi Kaze--the one currently in Aryu's protection--to find Crystal, the oldest and most powerful human alive. She is an Embracer, one who controls the Power, which broke the world once before. With all of these questions and various forms of power and hatred, what will become of Johan and Aryu's world? Can they beat the mechanical army back? And why is it here in the first place?

Book Review: Redemption

Lord of the Flies X Star Trek with a dash of mental health awareness. Ash and his crew of struggling teenagers must find the pieces of and create the vaccine for Spades, a fatal disease that will kill off the human race in 3 weeks. Will they be able to reconcile with each other (and their own selves) in time to save the world?

Book Review: Solace Lost

With the multiple POVs strewn throughout the book of main and secondary characters alike, the reader gets several different views of this magical world of Ardia, each with a unique perspective. All of the main characters come from extremely different circumstances, and yet all share a history of trauma and ostracism, further creating conflict and emotion throughout the story. In essence, the Little Duke is creating a war with his nobles, attempting to unite Ardia under one rule, and at the same time, The House and Recherche Oletta (perhaps the real powers in Ardia) wage a secret war, each attempting to undermine the power of the other. Our main characters are simply pawns in these two wars, trussed up and strung to move one war or the other on a whim of one of the 4 separate powers. That is, unless they decide to go against orders and take their lives into their own hands

Book Review: Wild Rose

The premise of this novel is that Milly and her friends are keeping a secret from everyone... A secret that has something to do with the Wolf-Lords. When the same Wolf-Lords that guided the emigration are called into Redcross to help the Premier with something, Milly and her friends must go through risky measures to ensure that their secret stays safe. Not only that, but Milly is offered to the Wolf-Lords in some kind of deal with the Premier, and now she must go live with them for 6 months. The story takes off, narrating Milly's friends' exploits in Redcross as well as Milly's stay with the Wolf-Lords. Are any of the girls safe?

Book Review: The Human Familiar

Basically, this story is about a 19-year-old boy (sorry, MAN) who is summoned by a 16-year old girl/apprentice mage to have as her familiar. It just so happens that mages are not allowed to have humans as their familiars--slavery and all that jazz--and so Renata (aka Rena) and Bannen are forced to await a decision by the Mage Council about what to do with their familiar bond. In the meantime, Bannen acts as her stand-in familiar, following her on jobs, her training, and learning all about this girl and unfamiliar country (because, by the way, he was summoned from 2 continents over). As they spend more and more time together, their familiar bond strengthens as does their friendship. Bannen also becomes privy to just how strange Rena is in the magical world, as her magic has a tendency to deconstruct, whereas all other magic constructs. To top it all off, Rena is afflicted with a mysterious illness that neither magic nor science has any explanation for, let alone any hope for a cure. Do Bannen and Rena get to keep their familiar bond intact? Do they both even want to keep it? 

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