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Book Review: The New Normal: A Zombie Anthology

Within this collection, you will find unique takes on the zombie short story, from the perspectives of survivors as well as the zombies themselves. You will find stories rooted in humour, stories that will yank on your heartstrings, and stories that make you question your own existence. Lose yourself in a world where your biggest fear is staying alive--and not zombified!

Book Review: Arctic Adagio

This whodunit-esque novelette by D.J. Cockburn is set in the dystopian future, where the rich control the world, and the climate has perished under humanity's negligence. Rex Harme, a former police detective, is now working as security on a cruise ship in the Arctic Ocean, with some of the world's richest--and shallowest--people partying it up. But when one of the guests is thrown overboard, he must solve the mystery of the murderer's identity. 

Book Review: Adventures in Amarant

In this fantastically written collection of epic fantasy short stories by J.D. Bowens, we readers embark on several exciting--if quite brief--adventures with the Edderick brothers. We travel with them as two work as hired swords to protect a false priest, we follow two other brothers into dank sewers to rid a tavern of a rat infestation (and maybe more!), and we finally see all four brothers together as they save a group of halflings from bandits. In this prequel to the The Adventures of Amarant trilogy, we get a good feel for both the world that the Edderick brothers occupy, as well as the brothers themselves!

Book Review: The Childless Ones

In this novel of intermixing stories of reality and fantasy, Jack is our guy. He is the man whose life we follow in the reality version along with his wife's (soon-to-be-ex) life. We see both struggling in their different relationships, while also steadily overcoming their respective pasts. As for the fantasy side of the novel, we meet a variety of characters, almost as a short-story anthology, all connected at the end. We go on various journeys with different races, different magic, different purposes in mind. But all seem to bear some similarity to the real world that Jack is suffering through currently. He uses this fantasy world to cope with his reality, and it creates a surreal narrative that is an ultimate pleasure to read. 

Book Review: Legion of Mono

In this short fantasy story, Mono must leave his husband and daughter in their home of Lethotar, while he--the last commanding officer alive of their army--must lead the final battle against the Holy Empire. If Mono's force falls, all of Lethotar and its people will be subjected to the mercy (or lack thereof) of the paleskins of the Holy Empire. They have already shown their true colors by breaking the treaty forged in good faith between the two nations... Will the Lord of Light's, Lethotar's people manage to hold off the overwhelming force advancing towards them? Or will the paleskin's tyrannical religion sweep them away?

Book Review: Happy Holiday Homicides!: Special Edition

On an island populated by the children of the Gods, the people are born with something akin to Banshee screams. The women use the vocal cords in their mouths, whereas the men use slits in their hands to direct the native scream. Anuaka and her family live in destitution, in the poorest city of Wabaton on the island of Serenium. They have fallen far, lost their parents, and now Anuaka is putting the rest of her family in danger. Anuaka must complete one last job for the most dangerous gang in the city, and then she will be out for good. Will she be able to lift her family out of the ashes of its former glory?

Book Review: Cafe at the End of the Internet

If you are looking for any kind of sci-fi--including post-apocalypse and space opera--stories this is where you find them. Cafe at the End of the Internet has stories for just about any sci-fi buff out there! The collection contains a plethora of sci-fi vernacular and acronyms, along with numerous technological advances/machinery that immediately transports you to a new world... Or at least a new age in our world. 

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