Book Review: V World

In this sci-fi by Nick Berry, Alex Binary is one of millions of humans living in the virtual (V) world. Years ago, the humans in the real (R) world decided to forsake their world and transferred all their consciousnesses to the V worlds, where they will live out the remainder of their lives as well as the future of humanity. This V world is perfect in every way; grass cut exactly one-and-a-half inches, houses all the same, no death, no sickness, no hunger. That is, until what seems to be a glitch changes everything in Alex's V world, and it begins to turn on itself, killing all who live within it. Luckily for Alex, she is guided out of the V world and into the R world by an A.I. Turns out the various V Worlds are under attack from a psychopathic A.I. in the R world, where he wants to destroy all of humans. Will Alex, now in a human body with all of its imperfections, be able to overcome this faction of A.I.s and save her world before it's too late?


Book Review: Lingering

In this novel, Melissa Simonson takes us on a crazy sci-fi ride not so distant from our present world. In this book, a genius man and his quirky sidekick girlfriend take on the task of creating a way for people to talk to their loved ones after death, and so is born Lingering. This is where our main character Ben falls into their clutches. He recently lost his fiance Clarissa, and he would do just about anything to get a piece of her back. At first, it starts off as relatively harmless texting back and forth, as Ben talks to a computerized mimicry of the girl he loved. But then Lingering takes this a step further, and they are able to create a a copy of Carissa's voice, so now Ben is able to talk with her on the phone, whenever he wants. He can vent to her, get advice on what to buy his little cousin for her birthday, can even reminisce with her on times past... But will Lingering take it even further than that? Will Ben have the willpower to stop this facade before it becomes too crazy? Will he ever be able to cope with her death if her voice is always at his fingertips?

Book Review: The Childless Ones

In this novel of intermixing stories of reality and fantasy, Jack is our guy. He is the man whose life we follow in the reality version along with his wife's (soon-to-be-ex) life. We see both struggling in their different relationships, while also steadily overcoming their respective pasts. As for the fantasy side of the novel, we meet a variety of characters, almost as a short-story anthology, all connected at the end. We go on various journeys with different races, different magic, different purposes in mind. But all seem to bear some similarity to the real world that Jack is suffering through currently. He uses this fantasy world to cope with his reality, and it creates a surreal narrative that is an ultimate pleasure to read. 

Book Review: Sugar: A Novel

In this contemporary romance, we follow the exciting life of neurotic chef Charlie Garrett. Stuck in the same job for the last several years with a cruel boss and empty promises of greatness, Charlie lucks out on a job offer from her ex-boyfriend, Avery. Little does she know, after moving cross-country from New York to Seattle, that this normal job as a chef at a high-end restaurant is also a TV gig. Is she able to juggle her newfound romance with Kai--a cook at a lovely local diner--with her chef duties and TV stardom? Or will it all unravel in her hands?

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