Sorry for the radio silence the last couple weeks! I have been sick with the flu 😦 so unfortunately I've been neglecting my blogger duties. But, the silver lining: come this weekend, I will have THREE--yes three!--new reviews posted! Possibly even four 😉 Happy reading!


The Last Feast

As the last living thing in the universe, Jim retells his story of how he got here to his clone... Just before he eats him. A sci-fi space story with adult and horror elements mixed in, this novel is an intriguing and quick read.

In the Shadow of the House of God

One member of every religion on Earth is placed into a vast structure located beyond the reaches of the human mind. Why? The answer is simple. God has accepted a challenge from Satan who commands that the humans will keep killing each other in God’s name until only one is left alive, which is against God’s law.  What were the stakes?  Paradise on Earth, once lost with the fall of the great Garden of Eden? Or Hell on Earth with the demise of human life as we know it, and demons running free from the pits of the lake of fire?  In this cosmic setting, pawns are falling as the moves are made to end all of creation. Which move will take the last piece from the board?

The Sword of Shannara

With exceptional world-building and detail, this novel embarks upon a story akin to The Lord of the Rings. Two young brothers are caught up in something bigger than themselves, forced to desert the only home they ever knew and begin the journey of obtaining the mythic Sword of Shannara. If they fail, the world will pay the price.

The Adventure Begins!

Hi everyone! So a little bit about me: My name is Nikki and I am currently living in a beautifully forested area of St. Louis. As you can see above, I have two furbabies named Aslan and Zelda, and I also have a rambunctious kitty named Toph (below) who enjoys lounging on my shoulders as I... Continue Reading →

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