The Book Dragon is BACK!

Hi everyone!Thanks so much for continuing to enjoy my blog and sending me messages, even when I haven't been very active (okay, at ALL active) in the past few months. This was my first semester of teaching--I finished my student teaching in the fall, woot!--and I actually found a job at a great school! See... Continue Reading →

Review Rush!

Ok everyone, we are in the final sprint of 2019! As such, I am going to start a Review Rush! For the next month, I am testing myself to get ALL of my 2019 reviews done and posted! Consequently, they may be slightly shorter than usual and will not include the First Chapter Challenge, but... Continue Reading →


Since I've been slightly MIA with writing book reviews, I just wanted to clue you all in on what's going on with me! So, this past week, I have been taking a bit of a much-needed hiatus. What with the end of the school year coming along, both of my jobs AND my own graduate schoolwork have been steadily increasing in stress and effort/time needed. As such, I have simply been reading, and pushing my blog to the back-burner to keep my sanity! BUT here's the bright side: I have finished 4 books and am working on a fifth one now!

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