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Review Policy

*With the amount of review requests I am currently receiving, I am only accepting those who can provide me with a print copy*

I am also an editor/proofreader/Beta Reader. If you need any of these services, check them out on my Editing and Beta Reading Services page!

I am currently accepting books to review–in exchange for a free print copy. You may contact me via my contact page if you have a book you would like me to review. I do not accept all requests, and I reserve the right to refuse any and all requests at my discretion, but I will respond to everyone who contacts me. Please keep in mind:

  • I prefer the genres of fantasy, horror, and romance
  • I will not accept poetry, children’s, or middle grade books
  • My reviews will be completely honest, of my own opinion, and will not be intentionally skewed positively towards the author
  • I do not review any books by authors that I have a personal connection with
  • With the large amount of requests I am receiving, if I accept your book review request, I cannot give you a guaranteed time-frame of when I would have the review completed. However, I will keep you apprised of my progress via email as needed
  • I reserve the right to post about the book I am reviewing and its author on my facebook, twitter, and/or instagram, as well as post on Goodreads and Amazon
  • I reserve the right to use quotes from the book in my review, and will cite via page or location number
  • I only review books that I like (3+ stars). If I receive a print book and cannot rate it 3+ stars, I will donate it to my classroom bookshelf or my local library

All synopses (in italics) come directly from the author/Amazon site. I do not write them.

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  1. Hi! I would be happy to send you print copies of my books, if you’d be willing to review them.

    If you’d be interested, the pinned tweet on my Twitter profile has a link to the books on amazon so that you can peruse the blurbs, and decide if it’s something you’d like to read.

    Hope to hear back from you. 🙂


    Shad N. Freud


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